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Could someone please help me alter some aspects of the Justifier kit?


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I believe this kit originated in Unfinished Business, but since I'm installing it as part of DR, I thought this would be the best place to ask.


Firstly, is that '+1 to speed factor for every 10 levels of experience' weapon speed or character movement speed? I assume it's weapon speed, but would like to be sure. If it is weapon speed, maybe the description could be altered slightly so stupids won't get confused. And do the bonuses apply to all weapon types e.g. not just melee?


Is the Justifier able to dual-class? If not, why is this, and should this be stated in the readme under 'Disadvantages'? Will removing the dual-classing restriction cause any problems e.g. if you dual-class to a cleric? If not, how can I remove the dual-classing restriction? I'd like to maintain consistency with the BG2 Fixpack's OBC 'Remove Dual-Classing Restriction from Archers and Stalkers'.


I'd also like to assign this kit to Valygar using Level One NPCs, but the problem is that Valygar is NG, not LG. Can I remove the LG requirement and description from the kit and make it that any good alignment will do?


Edit: I've done some testing in the time that this topic has been sitting here, and found that NG Valygar appears to be able to use the Justifier kit with no problems.


The Divine Remix readme doesn't mention the dual-class restriction for the Justifier, but it is mentioned in-game when you look at the kit details, so that's fair enough if the kit can't dual-class. I suppose it helps makes the kit balanced.


The biggest issue I've found so far is that the resistances offered by Armor of Faith (one of the Justifier's innates) are cumulative with those granted by Valygar's armor, but the Armor of Faith description says that they shouldn't be. Also, loads of 'Gained Spell' messages appear when Valygar levels-up, even though he can't cast any priest spells from his spell book (I imagine this is a known-issue, and that nothing can be done about it).


Further Edit: The resistances offered by the Delryn Family Shield also stack with Armor of Faith.

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