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Looking for a mod


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Heya, I wanted to know if there is a mod or fixpack that takes BG2s specalization table back to its true stats (BG 1) I may have already downloaded it (but the game doesnt say anything different for that) so if someone can list where I can find a mod like this or if its in a pack that would be awesome :)


Thanks for any help

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I think you're looking for this:

True Grandmastery (Schumacher, Weimer)

This is the standard Baldurdash / TeamBG "un-nerfed" grandmastery patch. In IWD, BG and AD&D guidelines, going from four to five proficiency points in a weapon reduces THAC0 by one, adds one to damage rolls, and gives an extra attack per round to 5/2. In BG2, it only adds one to damage. Rather takes the "Grand" out of "Grandmastery" I think. Install this patch to restore Grandmastery to what it was.

That's part of a cool tweak pack you can get here.

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