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cool screenshots needed

Guest lynx

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With that kind of background picture, nobody will be watching gemrb. :)

Really, pics of just gemrb is what we need. If you're planning on doing them systematically, we can arrange them in groups on the wiki (in a subpage) and then only show the best subset on the first page.


My favourite of these three is 2, since it is the least boring, non-empty. We want to attract people, so the screenshots should be as attractive as possible. :D

Show off gemrb and the games. A nice example is the pic on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Planescape_start-room.jpg

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Well, I have just seen that in the first, I wanted to catch the text shown above the corpse, but it seemed to have disappeared before the capture. I will try to make captures of the menus. But it is quite difficult : it doesn't work when I click on a character. And I can't pick up the key on the corpse of the guard to go further in the game. In IWD2, I even cannot go out of the sailboat, and no button at all works.


I may be luckier under BGI or BGII, but I haven't installed them yet. The next screenshots will be edited under GIMP to remove the Wallpaper. :) Should I take screenshots of the console writing some content?

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I built from svn and tried IWD2 on Ubuntu. Works fine, except for that I can't fight or access the menus. Dialog works and character creation (though there's a strange glitch which you can see in one of the screens).









(still uploading, hold your horses)

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