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Another Ymmyrt's House Crash / Conflict

Guest Fleury

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Just a short bug / conflict report:


I also experienced the Ymmert's house on-enter crash and after some experimenting with the installed components (i've only 5 mods installed this time, so it wasn't such a big deal) it turned out that the culprit was SCS II's "Remove unrealistically convenient ammunition from the game". Uninstalling this component solved the problem for me.


Btw.: A big thanks for this beautiful mod :). This is already my second BG2-run with Amber on my side and i really can't wait for the TOB-part to be released *beg* :D.



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Okay, thanks for the info. At some point I have to take a look what that component does exactly and if there's anything I can do to prevent the game from crashing. (I guess that my guards have an 'unrealistically convenient ammunition' or something...)

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