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Alternative Portrait Suggestion


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I've decided that my cleric-ranger is going to romance Amber when the time comes for that game :) I did find a portrait that I like better than the default though... not that there's anything intrinsically wrong with the default, it's very nice artwork, just something about it doesn't sit right for me. Might be the seeming perpetual lack of clothes. -Occassionally- naked is a whole nother thing, but...


Anyways, the clan dlan set has an option that I think fits her very very well. Check out their 2nd option for Safana in their BG1 portrait mod (warning: it's a spanish website). A nice portrait, and it looks like it fits Amber's intended skin and hair coloration quite well. I wouldn't even suggest it, actually, if it -didn't- fit so well.





EDIT: Note, you're only getting the extreme closeup at that link... think you have to download it to see the whole thing, the full portrait is almost a full body shot, and very nice and fitting IMO.


And since it hasn't been said in a while, I think... plz can we has cheezbur... I mean, plz can we has TOB update? :D From my understanding, the romance as is ends pretty much when it really begins (and certain words are finally said)... some of us enjoy an actual relationship, not just the hunt to get there :) I know, I know, I pretty much lose my man card by admitting that... but it's true...


Oh, and in terms of suggestions for TOB, I think it's about time some other BG2 female besides Aerie is capable of reproducing, heh :) And Amber would make a most interesting mother and give birth to a most interesting part-demon part-Godspawn child, don'tcha think... :D



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