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Looking for a male voice actor


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I'm looking for a voice for Haldamir. I've kind of resigned myself to releasing a silent alpha, but I'd like him to have his own sound for the final release.


There are 47 lines at the moment. ToB will probably add another six.


I've got no fixed idea how he should sound, so I'm open to almost anything. You don't have to edit the sound clips (normalize, etc.), as I can do that, and either OGG or WAV is fine. I'd actually prefer if you'd open the mic a couple seconds before you actually start speaking, and leave it open a couple seconds after you're done, because that will allow me to get a noise profile, if it's necessary.


He's a young adult elf, probalby around 130. I'll include some sample lines, and that should give you some idea about the personality. He isn't the warmest NPC in the stable, but he does open up a bit as things go along.


SAY INITIAL_MEETING ~What are you looking at?~

SAY MORALE ~There is no valor here, only death!~

SAY HAPPY ~I could have done worse than joining forces with you.~

SAY BORED ~What freakish test of endurance is this, to stay so long without moving?~


SAY BATTLE_CRY2 ~Feel my wrath!~

SAY BATTLE_CRY3 ~Seldarine, but I'll make you bleed!~

SAY SELECT_COMMON2 ~You want something?~

SAY SELECT_COMMON3 ~Your desire?~




SAY SELECT_ACTION6 ~As you bid.~

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