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Thought I'd post some banters, so those who can see the in - progress forum can comment and others later can see what t expect. :groucho: BG1 has so many NPCs! I'm going to try and get a reasonable amount of banters into the first release of the mod. Here's a small selection of what I've already done:


Eldoth: You know, Mur'Neth, some of my best friends are slimes.

Mur'Neth: I... I am not sure I understand. Me? You know others of my kind?

Eldoth: Well, not as such, no. This one friend - Palor Martyni - I think is the sleaziest and slimiest person I know... I could tell you many stories. He taught me a few tricks, I can tell you!

Mur'Neth: Ah, a play on words... I see.

Eldoth: Yes, clever, isn't it? Anyhow, time to find something else to amuse myself...


Mur'Neth: I sense your eyes on me again, young human.

Safana: Well darling, perhaps I like what I see...

Mur'Neth: Ha! It seems you fleshlings are obsessed with this mucky business of reproduction.

Safana: Mucky, but delightfully fun... So tell me, just how well do you pass as a man?

Mur'Neth: Thrrrrrrk... Well enough, if I understand your inference. But I have no interest in such matters.

Safana: Pity. With that charming gaze of yours I'm sure you could be quite successful.

Safana: So, just how does a Ghaunadan like yourself... reproduce?

Mur'Neth: Ah, the most beautiful of ways! When Ghaunadaur wills it, we may take our natural forms and divide into two. Blessed Ghaunadaur then breathes new life and will into the child. Is that not glorious?

Safana: Hmmm. Now, that's what I'd call mucky.


Shar-Teel: So, shapechanger, why take the form of a man when you could be a woman?

Mur'Neth: Mmmmrrrraaaaaa... An easy choice to make.

Shar-Teel: You believe men somehow *better* than women?

Mur'Neth: No, I make no such claim. Gender is meaningless to me... It is merely your society which thinks so.

Shar-Teel: Ah! Well, I am glad we agree on this matter.


Xzar: My my, you really are a most fascinating specimen!

Mur'Neth: I take pride in the shape I choose to form.

Xzar:  Like a common slime, as found in the ears of Montaron... Yet able to take the shape of a man!

Mur'Neth: Ghaunadaur has indeed been generous in -

Xzar:  Not nearly bony enough for my liking, though.

Mur'Neth: Are you listening?

Xzar:  I wonder what it's made of? Perhaps I should take a piece.

Mur'Neth: Sklllrrrrr...

Xzar: Hmmm. Perhaps later, when nobody's looking. Yes. A plan!

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