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SHS welcomes Ninde!


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Spellhold Studios


SHS is proud to welcome Ninde NPC, a romanceable female necromancer!


Lady Ninde Amblecrown; once Waterdeep's most alluring young ingenue, now a hunted woman with a tongue like a guillotine, formidable magical skill and a matching ego. Will you befriend her? Grow to love her? Will you even be able to bring yourself to tolerate her?


Her lavish upbringing has perhaps left Ninde with a slightly bloated sense of entitlement that doesn't exactly suit her to adventure, and certain events of her past darkened her temperament. That's not to say Ninde doesn't appreciate life's more earthy pleasures - men, mead and magic are her self-confessed vices, and 'being poor, seal-clubbing, and chastity' the only things she isn't good at. Although perhaps she exaggerates slightly, there. She will certainly prove herself a wily, capable and (hopefully) entertaining companion, whether trying to bed Valygar or encouraging <CHARNAME> to take a little walk on the wild side. If you're lucky, you may even see a more serious side of the vivacious elf.


Whether Ninde is truly a woman altered beyond repair by the blackening tinct of her past, or the proverbial tart with a heart – well, that's for you to decide.


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