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  1. You're very welcome! Congrats on the move and well done to all involved—seems like everything went off without a hitch. It's awesome to see the community still thriving.
  2. ? I thought Id stop by to give some context. SHS and G3 are both currently hosted on the same server, provided by the German hosting company Hetzner. They have a program that reuses servers at heavily discounted rates. The upside for us is that SHS/G3 runs on a beast of a machine, more than capable of running both sites when working, for a total of $40/month. The downside is that, well, you get what you pay for. Because the hardware is recycled, it is unreliable at times. If I had time to jump on issues when they occurred, it would be way less of a problem. But due to work, it sometimes takes days or even weeks before Im able to get to it. During the most recent downtime (caused by a failing hard drivethe most common reason when the server goes down), the G3 admins contacted me to say theyd like to move G3 off the server. They have an alternative. In their position, Id 100% have done the same thing. And personally, while Ive been happy to host G3 for several years now, I prefer to reduce some of the stress I feel when theres an issue and I cant do anything about it. Knowing that one of the sites will be unaffected helps. SHS will continue to be hosted on the current server until there is another viable option. Theres no alternative that I know of that wont cost $150-200+. The difference between SHS and G3 is the size of the mods in the catalogue and bandwidth usage. Its not as bad as it used to be, but SHS still uses 600-800 GB of data traffic per month. Finally, a note on donations. SHS has long accepted one-off donations and has ads on the download page for each mod. While the contributions from both of these income streams have been appreciated, they have at best paid for half of the overall costs. A Patreon is a great idea that Ill think about, and I encourage the G3 folks to think about it as well.
  3. Fixed - fixpackers should now be able to see the Baldurdash forum. If someone who should be able to for some reason doesn't see it - let me know, and I'll set it up asap. Also, if someone had funky permission masks to begin with, it's a possibility that I might have overridden that, since I queried the database directly instead of using the AdminCP to fix permissions (much faster). Let me know if that's the case.
  4. The dialog.tlk will most likely be screwed up, since non-WeiDU mods (usually) overwrites the file instead of appending it, like WeiDU mods do. You'll need to repack the mod with WeiDU. If it's a small mod, it's easily done. A larger one, however, will require more time.
  5. Pink hair nowadays, Ding0?
  6. Kai, the meeting was in August, so you weren't even a member here at that time.
  7. What a great idea, guys. And congratulations, of course.
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