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Talking to Jaheira

Guest Qman

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on here, since it is my first time playing through with this mod. I'm really enjoying it so far, you all did an excellent job.

I'm having one puzzling problem though. I use the "talk" command on Jaheira, thinking that it will bring up some interesting banter. I was right, however, it wasn't what I was expecting. Just so you see what I'm talking about...:

Jaheira: That I am already under your spell.


Jaheira: That I should go and not look back.


1. There is no knowing, only doing

2. And what I command you to do is remove your clothing!

3. You dare command me?! The child of Bhaal? I will not bow to your wishes, even with the promise of sampling the tawdry pleasures you offer.

4. Fool! Can you not even follow simple directions?!

5. You could have ridden waves of passion even unto the threshold of oblivion? But you throw it all away.

6. I have no patience for fools....

And it goes on for several more choices. Her replies are just as weird. Is this a bug? Is talking for banter with romance characters even available. Or is this a bad reaction from one of my other mods?

If this is the RE mod, I plea for help.


Thanks to all, and a big thanks to the developers for this mod :(

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Some of the lines are from RE, but that isn't causing your problem.


Did you use a saved game from an old installation, by any chance?


Nope, started this one fresh after the mod install. Would the flirt pack cause this by chance?

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No, this looks like scrambled strings. The lines are other mod lines, so it't pretty clear that string references got fubarred somehow. If Flirt Pack has a hotkey string fixer, though, you might be able to get Jaheira back to normal.


Try selecting her portrait and hitting the K key.

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I did a complete reinstall. I have backup files in case I need to replace some. I installed RE again without the flirt mod to see what happens. I want to try and see if it works, but Jaheira has nothing to say to me atm. At about what LT does banter become available? Or is that not included in the RE mod?

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Jaheira's player-initiated dialogue is a feature of the NPC Flirt Pack, if you're curious. If you didn't install the flirt pack, you won't get PID. You can still add the NPC Flirt Pack, if you like, but make sure you are not running the game, or any game-related utility like ShadowKeeper or Near Infinity in the background when you do it! If you go this route, you will start to see PID options after the fourth lovetalk, IIRC. If you elect not to install the NPC Flirt Pack at all, I do not think you will ever get PID.


Good luck, and don't forget to check back and let us know how you make out!

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Guest Qman

I couldn't do a simple clean backup so I completely uninstalled the game and did a full install. Also made my backup copies of the necessary files. I then went through and installed my mods. Ascension, Easy of Use, etc etc. I put in RE before flirt pack this time (last time flirt was already installed before I discovered the RE mod). I couldn't pick up my old game so I had to start over, fortunately I didn't get too far.

I'm not sure what happened with the old game. Whatever it was, it seems to be working fine now. I'll keep track of it and see if something might make it go haywire again.


Thanks so much for the help. I was getting a little discouraged, I'm glad I can keep going now. :crazyeyes: I had to do a complete reinstall sure, but now I have backup files so I don't have to do it again. Thanks for that link.

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