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BG2: SoA writes over Baldur.ini

Guest LoveWarCoffee

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Guest LoveWarCoffee

When I add the line "Debug Mode=1" under [Program Options] (to cheat, obviously), the following change occurs. BG2 ignores all my previous setting, starts in full-screen mode, and alters the Baldur.ini mod such that the second line reads


"Debug Mode=1]"


and then adds a whole new section


"[Program Options]"

with default settings underneath "[Movies]".


Adding "Debug Mode=1" under this new header, again everything is ignored, and the section is overwritten with defaults. My version is heavily modded (fixpack, Kivan, Sarah, gminion, Angelo, Crosstalk)


Has anyone experienced this issue before? What might I do about it? I mean, the game seems to run fine aside from not being able to jump my Wizard Slayer one more level before dueling to Cleric, so I might be able to live with it...



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You probably edited your baldur.ini before actually firing up your game for the first time. When you do start your game for the first time, you're going to have to go through the configuration screen, so your baldur.ini file is going to change based on the setting you select during configuration. It's possible these options will be added ahead of the line you inserted manually.


Is that square bracket after the 1 a typo, or is that really how it looks? If it's really there, that's strange, but if it's working, well, it's working. Might as well run with it for a bit and see if you get anything cool, like falling cows, or anything.

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Guest Guest

You know that you shouldn't include the quotation marks, right?


It should be:


Debug Mode=1




"Debug Mode=1"


Just checking.

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Guest LoveWarCoffee

It's a very strange thing; the bracket pops up if I put Debug Mode=1 on the first line, but everything works peachy if it's on the very last line of the section.


I'm also running into a different problem, although it's more tangentally related: I've installed Weidu-mac and am attempting to install a set of mods using weidu-gui. It's fine setting everything up (except for some minor scrolling issues), but when it attempts to configure the game, I get:


"/bin/sh: WeiDU: command not found"


when I run the weidu-mac installer again, I have the option to Reinstall or Uninstall weidu-mac, and the path is





(V. 20600)


Some of the mods that came with a .command file work fine through normal terminal, but a few like Romantic Encounter which for some reason either can't be executed or don't have the correct access privileges (bg2 tweaks) wind up not working.


I'm sure there's a solution I just haven't stumbled on yet. Do you have any ideas?



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