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Version 6 prerelease

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Version 6 of SCSII has been finished for a while, but for logistical reasons we haven't been able to get it uploaded to the main site.


But since it fixes a couple of quite annoying bugs (notably with Bodhi), and since I've had quite a lot of requests, I'm temporarily hosting it at




(the old home of Sword Coast Stratagems, before I moved to G3).


Highlights of version 6:


- New Drow and Sahuagin components

- Drastically rewritten "Abazigal's Lair" component

- Thieves now behave less erratically

- Option to move the Cloak of Mirroring into Throne of Bhaal

- Bugfixes for the nasty bugs with "Improved Bodhi"

- Upgrades, and more install-time options, for beholders

- More console fine-tuning options by popular demand: turn off neutral mage pre-buffing if you find it jarring; turn off all pre-buffing at any time in the game where you find it too difficult or unrealistic

- Many small bugfixes and optimisations



If you got an unofficial pre-pre-release copy from me by PM, you'll probably still want to uninstall and reinstall this version - there were one or two very late changes.

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