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Version 7 released


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Version 7 of SCSII is now released. This version follows so soon after version 6 because


(a) the delay between finishing v6 and releasing it meant that I actually had quite a bit of post-v6 content written when v6 went live.

(b) more importantly, the rather nasty bug in "Improved Drow" needed fixing urgently.


Version 7 fixes all the bugs I'm aware of in v6. New features:


- updated German translation (thanks to Leonardo Watson)

- updated Spanish translation (thanks to Immortality and ClanDLAN)

- a new component increases the hit points of dragons

- a new component adds a few tactical upgrades to Watcher's Keep

- Demogorgon and the Chromatic Demon have been added to the "Improved Fiends" component

- mage (and also demilich) AI has been upgraded a bit. Hopefully they should use their anti-magic more effectively and aggressively - I've been finding that the v6 AI isn't that effective against a heavily buffed party. I'd be interested in people's feedback on how well this works in practice - I fear it might lead to slightly too much antimagic use in the earlier part of the game, but we'll see.

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