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Shield of Harmony

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Version TOB 26498 vanilla


OK, I'm whining again instead of massacring, but here it is.


I don't know if it's been fixed already, it's something I noticed with the vanilla game.


Playing as an evil party, you can go to Trademeet, directly kill the Dao, and get from Busya some treasure and the Shield of Harmony.

But when you take the druid quest from Logan, when you get out, this lord Khellon Menold, who wants you to poison the grove source, promises an enchanted shield as a reward, obviously the Shield of Harmony.

This doesn't make much sense for the evil party.


I don't quite know for the good party if you get the shield after the druid quest or the Dao quest, since everytime I did both quests in the Druid Grove.

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I went on in this game this (evil) way:

1) Kill Daos without hunting the Ruhk for them. Report to Busya, you get a Shield of Harmony and stones.

2) Later, poison the druid grove. Report to Menold, you get a Shield of Harmony and 1,000gp.

So now I have 2 shields of Harmony, looks like an exploit, since the shield is supposed to be unique (description), but you have to be paid for your efforts.

It was in the vanilla game, but I suppose it happens in the fixpack too or someone would have said so already.

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