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Charlatan, v2 (Yarpen's Remix)


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At the beggining I want to say that basic idea came from Andyr, who wrote his version of Charlatan kit at this topic. That's only my remix.


So, last time I've discovered this kit again and thought how to improve it. So, I want to present my version. Last thing, compared to other kits this is quite "bigger" (it has many abilities - but I think they're rebalanced).


Kit description

CHARLATAN: Charlatans are masters at manipulating people. Using their high intelligence and understanding of human nature, Charlatans prey upon the foolish, overconfident, and greedy people around them. Charlatans often seem bold and boisterous, but they always maintain self-control. The profession of swindling others and making them feel good about it is an age-old practice and none are better at it than Charlatans. The Charlatan's profession has its downside, too. When a Charlatan's facade is pierced, he is in grave danger, for no one likes to be conned. Then his quick feet may serve him better than his quick wit.


Charlatans are wanderers. They go from town to town, switching from one identity to another, always a step ahead of the last person they swindled. In large cities, Charlatans may be able to live out most of their lives moving from one quarter to the next. When times are tough and no great con comes to mind, Charlatans sometimes perform sleight-of-hand tricks just to get by. Charlatans also have a knack for acquiring jobs that allow them to bluff their way through each day. They can sometimes be found masquerading as priests, healers, sages, diplomats, powerful mages, and retired heroes.



- +5% bonus to Pick pocket

- Once per day per 5 levels (starting at 5th level) can cast Charm person, Friends and Know Alignment.

- Once per day per 8 levels (starting at 1st level) can try to mimic abilities of other classes. He can choose between Rage, Heal, Show, Fame, Hide, Tame beast, Exorcism and Spellcasting.



- Only 3 points of lore per level

- No song progress


Class mimic abilities:

- Rage: it gives to Charlatan +2 Strenght and Constitution bonus, fast walk and 1 point of AC penalty. But there is 5% chance that Charlatan will go berserk.

- Heal: Charlatan who also mastered basics of art of healing can try to cure some wounds of one creature. His touch (hidden in ilusion giving potions etc.) will heal 8 hit points and additional one per level. There is also 50% chance of removing poisons and diseases. But Charlatan have also 5% chance of failing which means 1D8 of damage to target.

- Blade: Charlatan will try to impress other with his weapon-using skills. It will give to him an his ally +1 thaco and morale bonus and -1 for their enemies. But there is 5% chance that Charlatan will fail, and effect will be opposite.

- Fame: Charlatan tries to look like someone famous and popular, it gives to him +1 to reputation per 2 levels for whole day. But there is 5% chance that he will fail, and undercovered have -2 to reputation for whole week.

- Hide: Charlatan will try to hide in shadows or just disguise in crowd. It makes him invisible for 1 round per level. There is 5% chance of fail which means that he shown himself, so he grants penalty of 2 AC points for 10 rounds.

- Tame beast: Charlatan will try to tame one animal for one round per level. There is 5% chance of making animal angry, and it goes berserk.

- Exorcism: thanks to knowing little of holy words, Charlatan can try to turn some minor undead for 1 round per level. But there is 5% chance that instead of success, Charlatan will flee in terror.

- Spellcasting: Charlatan many times saw powerful wizards who were casting devastating spells on their enemies and defensive spells on themselves. Also he remembers some of magic words used in incantations. He can try to cast one powerful spell from these listed below, he have got only 50% chance of success. There is also a chance of summoning wild magic, so be aware!


Spellcasting spells: Death Spell, Tenser's Transofmation, Globe of Invulneribility, Summon Nishruu, Ruby Ray of Reversal, Mordenkainen Sword, Chaos Sphere, Mantle, Cacofiend, Limited Wish.


Special, in-game ability:

Charlatan can choose any Stronghold available in game. But at-once they can have only one of them.


I am waiting for your opinions. Also, if this topic is crap - please, delate it without asking about my permission. :)

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