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If you have many mods installed...


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Thanks for the report, that's a bug. That's not a common error though. This version is 0.94 so errors are possible but it contains minimal number of errors and they don't occur always, because it depends what mods and how you have installed (user-specific, since everyone has other mods, in other order etc installed).

(For example for Idobek, myself, and for some other testers, it works properly)


In TGC forum I'm going to attach a file soon to the WyrmGUI tool topic which will contain a system which will give information on where the error happens exactly. You will see just numbers coming after each other in the form of program messages, and you will be able to tell which was the last number that you saw before the error. You'll see anyway.

Of course only in case you (or anyone) decides to help me to find where the overflow (or just range check error) happens... so I would be able to fix it and quickly release 0.95...

When the file is attached in 'WyrmGUI tool' topic in The Grey Clan form, I'll post a reply in this topic as well to pay the attention.

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