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Proteus_za bug report from SP


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Hi David.


I noticed some bugs in my latest playthrough, thought I might let you know about them.


The Demon Knights in the Underdark - although a 3 of them had seen my party and gone hostile, those that appeared out of visual range just stood there until I moved close enough to be spotted. Ie, their fellows didnt let them know they had visitors.


Also in the Underdark elemental guardians, a Greater Earth Elemental and 3 Earth Elementals spawned and killed Vithal before he could do anything. End of quest.


I dont know if these bugs below were caused by your mod, because they arent directly related to combat, but I just thought I'd let you know about them just in case. Other culprits could be BG2 Fixpack or anything that modifies Spellhold.


Anyway, they are:


The talking statue on the first spellhold maze level (the one that requires the crystal and Dace's hand) didnt disappear after it had told me the way was now open and gave me quest experience. Thus I couldnt get past it and had to CTRL-J my way past it.


Also, the golems guarding the Gesen bowstring were hostile before I had even picked up the bowstring, they attacked along with the wolfweres.


Thanks again for your work on this mod, hope this helps.

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