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Guest Eponine

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Guest Eponine

Hi! First of all I want to congratulate you for such a good job with this mod! My question is not exactly related to

mod itself, but...

Could you tell me when takes place the argument between Casavir and Bishop? I've read that it's after Ruins of Arvahn, but I still don't know if it's after I complete all quests in this area or just the first time when I go directly to Crossroad Keep from there? I've already finished all quests there except the one in Gem Mines, but

when I come back to CK nothing happens. (Why you don't want to fight over me boys??)

And since the LT after this argument is marked as 9, and the one after talk with Silken Sisters as 11, I'm afraid that something went wrong.

I've heard that there's a bug, which caused that this conversation won't trigger. So, am I just panicking or something is actually wrong?


I hope that you understand my chaotic explanation, English is not my first language ^^

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