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[OS X] CTD involving Solaufien mod, please help


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For the first time, I've run into a problem with the BGII Solaufien mod. My party has already been attacked by revenge spiders, and defeated them. Now, a female Drow tells the party that she'll defeat Solaufien alone. The rest of the party, except for my main character and Sola, are teleported away (but portraits remain on right screen panel, just not accessible). Then, one of two things will happen (I can reload the game from this point). Either the female Drow appears, with a red circle, to fight, or she doesn't appear, but the main character and Solaufien are left in the area where they are, and cannot leave to go to any other area.


OK, I realize that one must be familiar with the Solaufien mod in order to lend any assistance. Perhaps I should check Wes Weimer's site to see if the mod is still supported, though I suspect it isn't, as there have been no updates for a very long time now. Still, I wanted to put this out to the friendliest and most helpful modding community I know, so here it is :)


TIA for any help with this, as the problem prevents me from continuing on in BGII - ToB. I'm currently in Chapter Six with this party, have recently defeated Bodhi (but not wanting to take out the Shadow Thieves for Chief Inspector Brega), and will soon deliver the Lanthorn to Elhan to continue and finish the SoA portion of the game.


Happy gaming,


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Hey all,


I'm still hoping someone can clue me in on this issue. I keep reloading the saved game to see if different tactics against Archryssa (the female Drow in question) will allow me to finish the encounter. At this point, when I have my party in Waukeen's Promenade, Archryssa starts by teleporting Solaufien next to her. She casts spells that will hurt someone that close, but when I make him run away, she teleports him back to her for more damage. I can have him fight back, and have my main character join the fight, but after a couple rounds, Archryssa tries to teleport my main character away, I think, because I see a teleport circle thingy start to form in the air, and that's when the game hiccups and crashes. I'll see if the same thing happens if I keep my main character away from the fight (but Sola could really use some back-up there, as Archryssa has a nasty "pet" with her to give him more grief).


I could probably just let Sola die, see what happens next, and then bring him back when all is safe again, but I'll save that in case nothing else works to get around the game crash.




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