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  1. Looks intriguing! Adding to my long list of NPC mods to install
  2. Toril's elves require only half the resting time that humans (among other races) do to gain the benefits of a rest, so they're refreshed after four hours, rather than eight. Is there a way to reflect this in the game? If so, would it require a script, or would it be handled another way?
  3. Two errors found in a chat between Haer'Dalis and Kivan, in the English version: 1 - Haer’Dalis - Because ’tis a Nexus, Kivan, the intersection of all trade roots in the Multiverse, the City of Doors and the Cage. S/B “…trade routes…” 2 - Haer’Dalis - “Worst than that, my kestrel.” S/B “Worse than that…” I didn't notice any other errors during the SoA portion of the game, and I dismissed Kivan from my party before finishing and moving on to ToB. Hope this is helpful
  4. It would be a bad thing to have that item appear somewhere at random, rather than in the little dude's possession when he approaches the PC, wouldn't it?
  5. I've had to nuke and rebuild my BG2 installation, and I'm almost back to the point where I install NPC mods, so I'll try installing Saradas Magic again, and report the results here.
  6. If I can just get the mod to install, I'll give it a go under Windows 7 Ultimate (on my Mac Pro), but so far, it fails to install on my system.
  7. I had to shift gears, and life's turmoil got in the way to boot, but I may be able to test the mod under Windows 7 Ultimate in the near future. Trying to sort out a game-killing issue right now, which might require me to nuke and reinstall the game. Nothing is ever easy in my world.
  8. Heh. Well, it's still entirely possible that Jaheira is older than the PC. According to the Wiki, half-elves can live for over 180 years. And even if she's not, she's probably more experienced than they are. Anyway, I'll look into what can be done. I guess Charname could still have been taken in by Harpers, just not Gorion, and then passed into his care once their initial caretaker died. Heck, they could even have lived in Candlekeep all that time (just that the human NPCs we meet in game wouldn't have known them as a baby), although 50-100 years in that hole would've driven me bonkers. Sure, but Jaheira is only about a decade older than the PC at the start of SoA, if memory serves.
  9. It's also an opportunity to put Jaheira in her place for her "motherly" ways
  10. In the case of elves, they're physically mature by 20, but considered capable to strike out on their own for their "adult" lives (mentally/psychologically mature?), at somewhere over 100 years old.
  11. The way a friend and fellow modder mentioned things, it appeared that Twisted Rune was nothing more than some nebulous group to which the Tanner's basement thugs belonged. Nice to know there's more to it, and more to check out in the game About the only other thing that took me forever to find (and totally at random) was the Battle Horrors just hanging out in one of the houses.
  12. what are you for real here Depends on who you ask Seriously, those doors in the Bridge District...I always have a thief unlock 'em, but I've never known what to do about the door that opens to a kind of void.
  13. Discovering such things will also help in writing dialogue for my NPC mod, still in development
  14. Didn't even know you could enter that particular door. Well over a decade of playing, and still I'm discovering game content for the first time
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