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  1. Looks intriguing! Adding to my long list of NPC mods to install
  2. Two errors found in a chat between Haer'Dalis and Kivan, in the English version: 1 - Haer’Dalis - Because ’tis a Nexus, Kivan, the intersection of all trade roots in the Multiverse, the City of Doors and the Cage. S/B “…trade routes…” 2 - Haer’Dalis - “Worst than that, my kestrel.” S/B “Worse than that…” I didn't notice any other errors during the SoA portion of the game, and I dismissed Kivan from my party before finishing and moving on to ToB. Hope this is helpful
  3. I've had to nuke and rebuild my BG2 installation, and I'm almost back to the point where I install NPC mods, so I'll try installing Saradas Magic again, and report the results here.
  4. If I can just get the mod to install, I'll give it a go under Windows 7 Ultimate (on my Mac Pro), but so far, it fails to install on my system.
  5. I had to shift gears, and life's turmoil got in the way to boot, but I may be able to test the mod under Windows 7 Ultimate in the near future. Trying to sort out a game-killing issue right now, which might require me to nuke and reinstall the game. Nothing is ever easy in my world.
  6. His ability scores look fine to me. I wouldn't change a thing.
  7. High CON isn't needed, but Fighters get extra HP per HD with a higher score, and more HP = more survivable. That's why I mentioned it
  8. I will help with proofreading and with testing the mod under Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.11) on my ancient Mac (PowerPC, from the Dark Ages before Intel chips were used in Macs ), if you like. A suggestion: fighters need good CON, but a score of 9 is a big liability for a fighter. Something to consider. Who cares what the ability scores total out to?
  9. Downloaded a third time, and this time the archive extracts as it should. I noticed that there are two postings on this site for the d/l, one slightly more recent than the other, so I went for the more recent of the two, and all is well.
  10. Every time I download it, I get the same result. StuffIt Expander 9.0.1 can't open the archive, and UnRarX 2.2 sees no items to extract. Neither extractor program has problems with any other file.
  11. The archive for the Mac OS X version extracts only one file, vampire.tph, and isn't recognized by the usual archive expansion/extraction software that handled all versions prior to v.21. How may I download the entire mod?
  12. The mod installed successfully on my system, so I'll let you know if anything unusual happens in-game.
  13. BG2 can handle the small portraits as 24-bit .bmp files, too. I've seen no unwanted behavior associated with saving them that way.
  14. I encourage any efforts to bring game mechanics closer to PnP whenever possible, so great idea here! When you say the familiar gains the caster's level when summoned, don't you mean HD equivalent to the caster's level? That's PnP...but I haven't checked iesdp yet to see if this can be done. I would scrap the system shock portion, but that's just me Also, do you have a list of specific kinds of familiars? Are you using the vanilla selection, or would you want to add or change any of them?
  15. His ring is under the trapped picture in a room just near the room with cells. There are a dagger and small healing poitions. May be you need just to reinstall the mod? And post your weidu.log, please. It's help to understand the problem Are you saying that the Ajantis mod places a ring in that location? Because that's where Gavin's engagement ring is found. I just found this interesting, and hope there will be no conflicts. - Eric
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