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  1. What up guys, Smiling Imp here. Just uploaded a version of the cross banters that I put together. Enjoy! http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=196 Cross Banter between the BG1 NPCs and you custom MOD favorites like Silver Star, Varshoon, Yasraena, Saerileth, Tsujatha, Horace, Kindrek & many more!!!
  2. LOL! It is being worked on as we speak. The next version should contain a few bug fixes and at least a playable version of Dynaheir.
  3. Yup, that's right. The newer version has the default portraits on there and some optional portrait options towards the end.Wow! I did not even know about PaintBG until now! Good work as always, Lava. I'll have to give it a whirl though before I can confirm 100% compatibiltiy.
  4. Nice. Need to check this out when I get a chance.
  5. Destroy Trademeet through Force of Steel and Might of Magic! (if you are evil and you know it, you have to try this at least once) Or watch the people suffer.. as it becomes Dogtown! http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=downfile&id=177 The choice is yours!
  6. Yeaaaaah! Crossbanter! I should probably do some helping, as I may be the amongst the main culprits when it comes to typos and WEIDU mistakes.
  7. Hey guys, version 7 of this mod is done, along with the completed Montaron Romance. BG1 NPCs for SoA: version 7 http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=downfile&id=177 EDIT: Also w/ The great Gazib, restored to the circus tent in the promenade!!
  8. Nice! Never knew about Miloch's Bam Batcher before. Have to check that out. Good job on the spell BAMs! They look very classy.
  9. Thanks Miloch, that would be awesome! Lollorian also mentioned that it might be better if I added it to the rndtreas.2da as it will not seem as intrusive, and suggested I check the coding in Aurora as an example on how it is done. I was going to have a look at it later tonight.
  10. Are you worried about your retirement funds? Tired of seeing your gold lose value as it sits around in a horde? Then you should invest your funds into platinum bullion and coins. Already, with the price of gold fluxuating thanks to the abundance of it brought in from Maztica, most prominent merchants have already switched to using platinum. How can I get these marvelous coins for myself you ask? Well, just download the attachment in the first post. It will give you all you need to be rest assured that your financial future is secure. Don't take my word for it though, here is a tail from one of our satisfied customers. "I switched to platinum and have never felt more carefree when eating horses. Thank you Smiling Imp"
  11. BTW.. I know this is over anyhow, but seifer did give offer up his mods for adoption after retiring http://www.shsforums.net/topic/45015-silverstar-kz-horace-availavle-for-adoption/ and MTS does currently host them, so the K&Z crossbanters with the BG1NPCs were platinum, baby!
  12. A while back I had this idea of adding different types of coins into BG2 because in real life, they would not have just one kind of uniform gold coin.. Never really took off, but a lasting remnant of that are the platinum coins found in this mod. Some of the merchants in the Water Gardens will only sell certain rare items for platinum coins and I have added a few more items that can be bought with them. There is also a moneylender that will change platinum coins to gold and vice versa at four gold coins per platinum. (The real value of gold to platinum is 5 gold coins for 1 platinum) What I am asking of any modders out there, is if they would add platinum coins to their mods. All you would really need to do is change the reward that some of the enemies in your mods give from random treasures into a few platinum coins. I greatly appreciate any that decide to participate as I think it will add some flavor to Amn and add some continuity between more mods. Below I have added an attachment that gives the item and BAM item icon so all you need is to copy the following into your .TP2 and you are platinum, baby! COPY ~"Insert your folder name here"/PLATNUM.itm~ ~Override/PLATNUM.itm~ SAY NAME1 ~Platinum Coin~ SAY NAME2 ~Platinum Coin~ SAY UNIDENTIFIED_DESC ~Platinum Coin~ SAY DESC ~Platinum Coin Platinum coins are a form of currency. As a form of currency, these coins proved to be impractical: platinum resembles many less expensive metals, and, unlike the more malleable and ductile silver and gold, it is very difficult to work.~ platnum.zip
  13. Toss her a line and see. If she turns you down, it probably wasn't meant to be.
  14. & Here are a few between Tsuki and the BG1NPCs. /////// w/Garrick CHAIN IF ~InParty("L7Tsuki") See("L7Tsuki") !StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("7XGAR")!StateCheck("7XGAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("GarrickTsukiRap","LOCALS",0)~ THEN ~B7XGar~ GarrickTsukiRap_01 ~Tsuki, Tsuki, Tsuki can't you see. Sometimes your words just hypnotize me.~ = ~The girls just love the flashy way, you dress with style that's here to stay!~ DO ~SetGlobal("GarrickTsukiRap","LOCALS",1)~ == L7TsukiB ~I have heard pregnant centaurs that sounded better.~ == B7XGar ~Hey, I'm just warming up!~ EXIT CHAIN IF ~InParty("L7Tsuki") See("L7Tsuki") !StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("7XGAR")!StateCheck("7XGAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("GarrickTsuki","LOCALS",0)~ THEN ~B7XGar~ GarrickTsuki_01 ~You know Tsuki, you have a very interesting background. An elven woman as a mother and a Kara-Turan father. Plus you have wonderful style!~ = ~How would you like to be a supporting actor in the new theatrical version of the Ballad of brave Brave Sir Garrick?~ [garrickp] DO ~SetGlobal("GarrickTsuki","LOCALS",1)~ == L7TsukiB ~I'd rather be buggered by a syphilitic bear!~ == B7XGar ~Well now! I think you need to learn some manners!~ [garrick8] EXIT CHAIN IF ~!Dead("L7HASU")InParty("L7Tsuki") See("L7Tsuki") !StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("7XGAR")!StateCheck("7XGAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("GarrickTsukiHasuTalk","LOCALS",0)~ THEN L7TsukiB GarrickTsukiHasu_01 ~If you want to improve the next version of your ballad, Garrick, you really should think about devoting a chapter or two to Hasu.~ DO ~SetGlobal("GarrickTsukiHasuTalk","LOCALS",1)~ == B7XGar ~You want me to dedicate an entire chapter to your dog?~ == L7TsukiB ~This dog could teach you a thing or two.~ == B7XGar ~What could your dog possibly teach me?~ == L7TsukiB ~Well his howling at night is better than half your songs, plus he has twice the courage that you have in battle.~ == B7XGar ~You can't possibly be serious! You are going to compare the fantastic deeds of brave Brave Sir Garrick to those of some scrawny mutt?~ == L7TsukiB ~I don't think Hasu liked that.~ == B7XGar ~Hey! What the?~ = ~*groan* These are new boots too!~ == L7TsukiB ~Take it as compliment.~ EXIT CHAIN IF ~InParty("L7Tsuki") See("L7Tsuki") !StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("7XGAR")!StateCheck("7XGAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("GarrickTsuki","LOCALS",1)~ THEN ~L7TsukiB~ GarrickTsuki_02 ~What is that you are scribbling down, Garrick? Hehehe! Still working on that brilliant play of yours?~ DO ~SetGlobal("GarrickTsuki","LOCALS",2)~ == B7XGar ~I'll have you know that the newest edition of the Ballad of brave Brave Sir Garrick is going to be the best ever!~ [garrickp] == L7TsukiB ~Well, that is not saying very much.~ == B7XGar ~Tsuki, do you ever do anything but act crass?~ [garrick9] == L7TsukiB ~It is difficult to be any other way when I am around someone quite as annoying as you are.~ == B7XGar ~Despite what you may think, I will be thought of gloriously.~ [garrick5] EXIT CHAIN IF ~InParty("L7Tsuki") See("L7Tsuki") !StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("7XGAR")!StateCheck("7XGAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("GarrickTsuki","LOCALS",2)~ THEN ~L7TsukiB~ GarrickTsuki_03 ~Favor us with a song, Garrick. Hehe.. You know how we all look forward to one of you newest renditions of the Ballad of Brave Sir Garrick.~ DO ~SetGlobal("GarrickTsuki","LOCALS",3)~ == B7XGar ~I don't need a scroll of sarcasm detection to tell me that you are just fooling with me.~ [garrick7] == L7TsukiB ~No really. I once enjoyed one of your ballads at the Jovial Juggler in Beregost.~ == B7XGar ~Ahhh yes, Beregost. How I do miss it.~ == L7TsukiB ~Your music was different back then. Back before Lady Irlana~ == B7XGar ~oh woe is me! Don't mention that name!~ EXIT ///////////////// w/Shar-Teel CHAIN IF ~!Dead("L7HASU")InParty("L7Tsuki") See("L7Tsuki") !StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("7XSHAR")!StateCheck("7XSHAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("SharTTsukiHasuTalk","LOCALS",0)~ THEN ~B7Xshar~ SharTeelTsukiHasu_01 ~If you want to keep that mangy dog alive, Tsuki, you had better keep it away from me.~ DO ~SetGlobal("SharTTsukiHasuTalk","LOCALS",1)~ == L7TsukiB ~Don't worry, Shar-Teel, Hasu is better trained then you are.~ == B7Xshar ~Why you useless male dung heap! I should chop that dog into pieces and make you eat it!~ [shart7] == L7TsukiB ~Hasu has ripped more than one person's throat out. Don't make him add another.~ == B7Xshar ~Ha! It will take more than a flea bitten mongrel and some half elf mageling to defeat me.~ EXIT CHAIN IF ~!Dead("L7HASU")InParty("L7Tsuki") See("L7Tsuki") !StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("7XSHAR")!StateCheck("7XSHAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("SharTeelTsuki","LOCALS",0)~ THEN ~B7Xshar~ SharTeelTsuki_01 ~So you had to flee you homeland for raping a princess, did you? Tell me why I shouldn't cut off your head right now?~ DO ~SetGlobal("SharTeelTsuki","LOCALS",1)~ == L7TsukiB ~Is wasn't true, but becasue of the lie, I was hunted by my step-brother, Yoshida. What's more it was him who started the farce, not me. Surprisngly.~ == B7Xshar ~Why should I believe anyone that is in league with vampires?~ == L7TsukiB ~Believe what you want. I don't care.~ == B7Xshar ~Tsk-tsk.. a rapist and a cowardly slave to vampires eh? Just don't stand behind me in a dark corridor in battle. I hate for there to be an accident.~' == L7TsukiB ~Bitch, I'm not letting you get behind me at all.~ EXIT CHAIN IF ~!Dead("L7HASU")InParty("L7Tsuki") See("L7Tsuki") !StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("7XSHAR")!StateCheck("7XSHAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("SharTeelTsuki","LOCALS",1)~ THEN ~L7TsukiB~ SharTeelTsuki_02 ~Are you not the daughter of Angelo Dosan, the scum that fought with Sarevok in the Undercity?~ DO ~SetGlobal("SharTeelTsuki","LOCALS",2)~ == B7Xshar ~Has the legend of my skill in battle spread so fast? Remarkable what you magelings can do with your, magic.~ == L7TsukiB ~No, more the treachery of your family-line. How does it feel when you see people the day of Sarevok's death and knowing that your father helped the enemy of the people?~ == B7Xshar ~The only thing I know is that those swine had it coming.~ [shart4] EXIT /////////////////////////// w/Xzar CHAIN IF ~!Dead("L7HASU")Global("TsukiXzarHasuTalk","GLOBAL",0) InParty("L7Tsuki")!StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck("7XXZAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)InParty("7XXZAR")~ THEN ~7XXZARB~ XzarTsukiHasuTalk_1 ~What a nice dog you have there, Tsuki.~ DO ~SetGlobal("TsukiXzarHasuTalk","GLOBAL",1)~ == L7TsukiB ~He has a name you know. Its Hasu.~ == 7XXZARB ~Hasu, eh? What a nice name.~ = ~Here, here little pooch. How would you like to have feet like dragons?~ [xzar33] == L7TsukiB ~Watch yourself, Zhentarim. Hasu does not tolerate fools.~ EXIT CHAIN IF ~!Dead("L7HASU")Global("TsukiXzar","GLOBAL",0) InParty("L7Tsuki")!StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck("7XXZAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)InParty("7XXZAR")~ THEN ~7XXZARB~ XzarTsuki_1 ~Tsuki, I must speak to you about this amazing opportunity?~ DO ~SetGlobal("TsukiXzar","GLOBAL",1)~ == L7TsukiB ~Amazing opportunity? What the fuck are you talking about.~ == 7XXZARB ~I'm talking about the opportunity for both of us to make a lot of gold.~ = ~You see, I have a lot of people that are willing to pay good gold for my art. What I need is a steady supply of subjects to work with.~ == L7TsukiB ~What the hell has that got to do with me?~ == 7XXZARB ~You work with the vampires, do you not? They always need victims to drain for their blood pools that I hear they keep.~ = ~However once that corspe is drained, it is just thrown on a dung heap for the roaches and beetles to feast on. What a waste!~ = ~Since to have access to the carcasses, I was thinking that you could bring me a steady supply of them. Of course I would pay you a nice fee for each body.. say, one hundred gold coins.~ == L7TsukiB ~You want me to risk my neck for a hundred gold coins a body? You are more stupid than you look!~ EXIT CHAIN IF ~Global("TsukiXzar","GLOBAL",1) InParty("L7Tsuki")!StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck("7XXZAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)InParty("7XXZAR")~ THEN ~L7TsukiB~ XzarTsuki_2 ~A real lady killer, are you, Tsuki?~ = ~I too am a collector of sorts.~ [xzar20] DO ~SetGlobal("TsukiXzar","GLOBAL",2)~ == L7TsukiB ~You are into women? For some reason, I thought you and Montaron were a couple.~ == 7XMONTB IF ~InParty("MONTI")!StateCheck("MONTI",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN ~If ye like breathin' ye daft cunt,I sugeest ye shut yer mouth!~ == 7XXZARB ~What? No, no, I like women. I still have the evidence on ice to prove it.~ == L7TsukiB ~Umm, sure.~ = ~The way you and Monty are always fighting.. sort of like a married couple if you ask me.~ == 7XMONTB IF ~InParty("MONTI")!StateCheck("MONTI",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN ~Ye had better sleep with both eyes open tonight, motherfucker!~ == 7XXZARB ~Scoff if you will. There have been dozens of women that have been DYING to meet me! Bwhahahaha!~ [xzar3] == L7TsukiB ~Whatever. Go back to eating the bugs from out your hair.~ EXIT /////////////////////////// w/Eldoth CHAIN IF ~Global("TsukiEldoth","GLOBAL",0) InParty("L7Tsuki")!StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck("7XXZAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)InParty("7XXZAR")~ THEN ~L7TsukiB~ TsukiEldoth_1 ~How did you ever become a servant of the Mistress?~ = ~Most rogues like you, they would have just cut off your body, hunge the corpse from the heels and drained it of its blood.~ DO ~SetGlobal("TsukiEldoth","GLOBAL",1)~ == B7XEldo ~That is exactly what might have happened to me, had I not been quick of wit.~ = ~It seems that I chose the wrong date that evening, because after wooing her and sneaking into the Water Gardens, she turned into a vampire and tried to kill me.~ = ~Luckily I convinced her that I could be useful to her by performing tasks on her behalf during the day.~ == L7TsukiB ~So she agreed to let you live if you did her dirty work.~ == B7XEldo ~She understood that a poison-tipped arrow will kill you no matter what time of day it is.~ EXIT CHAIN IF ~Global("TsukiEldoth","GLOBAL",1) InParty("L7Tsuki")!StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck("7XXZAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)InParty("7XXZAR")~ THEN ~L7TsukiB~ TsukiEldoth_2 ~So what does your blood oath say you have to do before they turn you into a vampire?~ DO ~SetGlobal("TsukiEldoth","GLOBAL",2)~ == B7XEldo ~Tsuki, Tsuki, you know it is bad manners to ask another what his blood oath consists of.~ == L7TsukiB ~In the time that you have know me, Eldoth, when have I ever cared about manners?~ == B7XEldo ~Well, since it is SO important to you, I'll tell you.~ = ~My task is to infiltrate the Thieves Guilds of the Slums and Docks as well as the noble circles of the Government District and gather crucial intelligence. I am to kill any that stand in my way.~ == L7TsukiB ~I suppose you don't care about what happens to the city, so long as you become a wealthy vampire lord in the process?~ == B7XEldo ~Now that is a silly question.~ == L7TsukiB ~I don't care either. I just want to make sure that when the times comes, you will have the nerve to go through with it.~ EXIT CHAIN IF ~!Dead("L7HASU")Global("TsukiEldoth","GLOBAL",2) InParty("L7Tsuki")!StateCheck("L7Tsuki",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck("7XXZAR",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)InParty("7XXZAR")~ THEN ~L7TsukiB~ TsukiEldoth_3 ~What if I told you that only one of us is going to be made a vampire?~ DO ~SetGlobal("TsukiEldoth","GLOBAL",3)~ == B7XEldo ~Well.. It would make me sad to see you go.~ == L7TsukiB ~What makes you think I would be the one that they killed and drained of blood?~ == B7XEldo ~You have a nice smile, Tsuki, but you are nowhere near as charming as me.~ == L7TsukiB ~Don't flatter yourself, Eldoth. Hasu has twice your charisma.~ == B7XEldo ~That flea-bitten dog? You must be joking!~ == L7TsukiB ~Does it look like I'm smiling?~ EXIT
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