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First Release Delayed


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I'm truly sorry about the cospicuous delay of a first release. Having temporarily lost Mike would have forced me to do his work (which he surely can do better than me) and I've been unable to do it before my own vacation. I've been away from home for a week, and starting from Monday I'm going away another one (probably without even an internet connection!), thus I'm probably just waiting his return so that we can have a polished first release.


At least I hope to have the time to update this forum before going away, and add a few things to SR V2 before cmorgan releases it next week.


Sorry for the inconveniences.

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Real life hits us all with these things, it's better to release the first version a little late but in working order than to release something buggy. Some of us (like me) have taken a lot longer to get things done. :)

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