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Installed with warning


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Hello, to avoid flickering in store window in my gui mod for widescreen pst i decided to modify the storekeepers dlg file so it recenters above my character.

Basically all i do is:

COPY_EXISTING ~dthornco.dlg~ ~override~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~StartStore("Thorn",Protagonist)~ ~MoveViewObject(Myself,INSTANT) SmallWait(3) StartStore("Thorn",Protagonist)~

On all storekeeper

However, i encountered some errors when updating some of the storekeepers dlg files, and it installs with warning. I think the errors are unrelated to my modifications (as they seem to have problems with different parts of the dlg), but i still want to make sure whether i screwed up something or not.

Here's the debug file:

debug file

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