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So, i decided to test how my recentered gui for the widescreen mod looks on gemrb, i was happy to see that many display problems with the original game are gone, but this wasn't so pleasent:alt2tw9.jpg

In the original game, it's way more convenient to relocate only the window's positions(for most windows anyway), but with gemrb it doesn't seem to work. (if i use relocated buttons and whole screen sized windows it looks fine). I would like to know if it's possible to relocate windows without the display problem or only button repositioning works.

Also, gemrb uses a new chu file for the loading screens. Is it possible to edit the original game's loading screen in a similar manner or was it created so it's possible to edit it unlike the original game?

BTW, i had the problem with the CD1:= not working when locating data, and it took ages to find the same problem and the fix in the forums. Is there a readme somewhere with the most common problems listed?.

And finally, gemrb looks pretty damn impressive, stupid question but how far is it from a fully playable version? (it's funny how morte goes the other way around that thing you were lying on in the beginning of the game tho:))

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I think the loadscreen should work all the same with your mod. In the original game you could only replace the bitmaps, the loadscreen .chu uses the same bitmaps.

If you already tried and failed, please tell what's the problem.

I don't promise there will be a change, except if it is easy to do in gemrb :)

Even if there is a problem, you most likely can fix it with a .chu or guiscript change.


Morte not taking the usual route? That is a bug. Do you use the latest version?


There is a limited FAQ on the sourceforge page.

And, since we have a wiki homepage now, anyone can add solutions (and questions).

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