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Icewind Dale 1 troubles...


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I don't know what it is with my computer and the Infinity Engine games, but none of them install properly without copying files from another (actually successful) installation.


I just started playing Icewind Dale 1 again, and I had just finished the prologue when it locked up exactly between the prologue and chapter 1 (when the movie's supposed to play). I have a feeling the file containing the movie information is corrupt. It locked up at exactly this part a few times in a row:



Can someone please confirm if a bad movie file is the problem, and, if possible, send me a good copy of it if the filesize is low enough?


Edit: Ack, I think I just tracked the problem down to MVEfile2.bif, which is 140 megs. I'll try to get it through unconventional means, since I own a copy of the game.


Edit2: Hah! Just copied one of the movie files that -does- work to replace it, and now it works fine :D! So... Nevermind :).

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