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Two questions


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Two questions regarding Icewind Dale 1, and the Infinity Engine in general:


1): Is there a Custom (Default) AI script for Icewind Dale 1? I want my characters to fight back automatically when AI is on, without making them actively hunt monsters. Could I just copy it from Baldur's Gate 2?


2): Is there a way to extract music from IE games? My little brother wants the music from the Yaga-Shura battle from ToB.


Edit: Ack, I am -so- sorry. I clicked post topic once and it posted it twice -and- brought me to that "wait 15 seconds before you can post again" page.

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There is no Default script listed in the Scripts folder. You have to use what is given you or find a custom script. You may be able to copy one from BG2 but it has to use the same type of script commands. IWD uses a striped down version of the bG2 engine so a lot of things are not "turned on".


Use Near Infinity to export the file. It should save it as a .Wav file.

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