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TweakPack still skipping TuTu items.

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Do I have to run the tweakpack file in the TuTu folder? Cuz it keeps skipping them still.

Which tweak pack are we talking about?

Yes ALL mods intended to be used with a specific game install need to be installed within that game's directory structure.


In other words, BG2Tweaks can be installed in the BG2 directory to affect the BG2 game and it's resources. BG2Tweaks can also be installed in the Tutu/EasyTutu game directories to affect their resources.


Does this help? Without more specific information we cannot offer a more detailed response.

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I'm using the G3 packs with EasyTuTu.

The G3 Tweak pack along with Ease Of Use was replaced with BG2Tweaks. I don't know if the G3 Tweak pack had checks in place for EasyTutu. I do know that BG2Tweaks installs fine on an EasyTutu game. There are a few components that skip because they won't affect the EasyTutu game...

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