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[OS X] Still testing SoA/ToB multi-mod install


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After my latest round of reinstalling everything to test all the mods I have together (and to see how things work with as many mod NPCs in party as possible), the only consistent unwanted behavior I notice is that some of the dialog lines are repeated (most notably with Kivan), and some custom items in a character's inventory cause the game to crash (occasionally with an error message to explain which .cpp or other such thing failed). Of course, I still get some random crashes when moving to another map area or when saving the game. The crash when saving wipes out the saved game, so that's the worst case of unwanted behavior, but my understanding is that I must live with these crashes, as there's no fix for them.


Another case of unwanted behavior I noticed is with the CoM Undying mod. Nothing happens when I try using the special abilities of Callisto's armor. No idea if that can be fixed, but I'd like to know if I can do something in NearInfinity with the .cre file, or edit another of the mod files.


I would test everything under OS 9 as well, but am unable to do so, as my computer puts out no sound nine times out of ten when I boot into OS 9!


And so it goes. I haven't gotten a party past Chapter 2 yet, but my goal is to see at least one party through the end of SoA and into ToB.


Happy modding,


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