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Boots core fix didn't work -- what else didn't?

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From the core fixes page:

"Boots of Speed and Grandmaster Armor Applying Haste, Not Movement Rate Increases


The boots of speed and the grandmaster armor describes their effects as "increases movement rate" and "Increase movement rate as Boots of Speed", respectively. However, both were trying to apply haste effects instead of just a movement rate increase, which lead to miscellaneous errors (such as haste failing to work) on characters with these items equipped.


Files altered: boot01.itm, leat24.itm"


I started a TOB character that comes readily equiped with boots of speed. He was hasted and the haste vanished when I removed the boots, so it seems that this fix wasn't applied. I've only just applied the fix and now I am wondering to myself how many other of the core fixes were not applied properly.


For the record I'm the "end consumer" if you will, of the fixpack--I don't know anything about modding, so don't expect me to know stuff.


I had the TOB latest patch applied, before installing the fixpack. I also had the Ascension Weidu-mod installed--I can't recall if I did that before or after the fixpack, but I followed the docs instructions (although they may have both given conflicting messages of "install before any other patches").



I have a second, OT question, but I can't find a fitting forum for it so it may as well go here. I'm sure someone will be able to answer me. I understand that when importing (from "final save") from BG1 into BG2, some equipment (like pantaloons, and claw of k) will migrate and be moved into containers in chapter 1. I am wondering if someone could look at exactly what can get moved and under what conditions (e.g. does inventory ordering affect precedence? Will equipped items migrate? Non-equipped?) by looking at the code.

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Sadly, there's not much I can do about the Boots of Speed thing, as coding's not my strong suit, hopefully one of the fixpackers will take a look at this ASAP.


However, I do believe that I can answer your question about item imports. The process can be found in the area script for AR0602, but basically, the Duegar Chief takes either : Protector of the Second +2, Mail of the Dead +2, Plate Mail +1, Missile Attraction +2 or Chain Mail +3. I believe the order is as written there, defaulting to the Mail of the Dead.


The shelf in Irenicus' study will contain one of: Helm of Balduran, The Claw of Kazgaroth, The Horn of Kazgaroth or Koveras' Ring of Protection, defaulting to the Helm.


The pantaloons always come if they were present in BG1.

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On further inspection it seems that the mod is fine, but the boots still apply a "haste" icon on the character's avatar, which is what mislead me into thinking I was hasted with respect to battle as well.

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