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PS:T Widescreen error

Guest MaD

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Hi, I'm having trouble installing the Widescreen mod for PS:T. I've done the full install of the Game, when I try to get execute the Setup-Widescreen.exe I get an error.


It's the 2 disc version and my here is the error message:


ERROR: Unable to find DIALOG.TLK in:



Please run this program in your Infinity Engine game directory


I have completed the full install by copying the contents of CD2 into my PS:T directory in folder cd2.

My Torment.ini looks like this:


HD0:=C:\Multimedia\Games\Planescape - Torment\


CD2:=C:\Multimedia\Games\Planescape - Torment\CD2\

CD3:=C:\Multimedia\Games\Planescape - Torment\CD2\

CD4:=C:\Multimedia\Games\Planescape - Torment\CD2\


Please help, I love this game, but I want to enjoy it in a higher resolution.



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