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install crash


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Hm, I seem to have gotten a lot of these lately. Initially I thought they were somehow isolated to Weimer's Item Upgrade, or possibly Sim's Quest Pack, but apparently not. NPC Tweaks had a segmentation fault in the first component. Any idea why?


other mods:

BG2 Fixpack

Scriptable Spells

JPS' Portraits

Horn of Valhalla

Song and Silence (stores only)

Oversight (no kits, no improved Sendai - the latter was actually the first to display a seg fault, several attempts ago)




Auren Aseph

Crossmod Banters



Unfinished Business (this also returned some seg faults, so I tried NPC Tweaks again after uninstalling UB, but no change)

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Here's how the error shows up:


Installing [Anomen]

Copying and patching 1 file ...

Copying and patching 1 file ...

/Desktop/BGII - SoA/Setup-NPC_Tweak.command: line 3: 446 Segmentation fault ./setup-npc_tweak



What does it signify - corrupt install files? Corrupt game folder?

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I'm happy to report that this is solved  and thanks for the referral! devSin recommended raising the stack limits.


If anyone else needs this (probably unlikely, but just in case), you'll have to run the various setup-xxx weiDu components from the game folder in terminal, and if you quit terminal in between any of them you have to reraise the stacks, like so:


"limit stacksize 64M" if your shell is zsh or tcsh (10.2)

"ulimit -s 65536" if your shell is bash (10.4 at least)


This seemed to allow the processes to do what was needed in each case.

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