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Viconia bug

Guest LadyRolePlay

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Guest LadyRolePlay

Don't like to leave anyone standing out in the cold, so when I ran into Viconia and saved her from he flaming fist, I had her join the party to take her to an inn. On the way there, she starts talking to my character about events that occured at the end of BG 1, ie I think a talk she's supposed to be having with the pc in BG2.


Not a huge problem by any means just a FYI

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I think, this is none "BG1 NPC Project" problem. We have the same bug, that Viconias BG2 dialogs shows up in BG1. We are looking into it, because one of the following mods are not really BGT compatible if you install them directly and not after the transition to BG2:


- Banter Packs

- IEP Extended Banters

- Flirt Pack

- Viconia friendship Path


We know, that "Viconia friendship path" does this not, because our gamer who report this has don't install this mod.


Which of the mods have you installed and have you some banter examples, which shows wrongly up?





This is a Megamod problem, so we should talk about it here (click me).


Greetings Leomar

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