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Couple of flirts...


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Okay, we do intend to do a flirt pack with Del, but I will be honest, until a few other things are done, it will be in the background. That said, I have given thought to them, even if they aren't written down.


Also note, for those who don't care for flirts, it will be an optional component. No need to debate the merits and flaws thereof (I do see both sides having equally valid views on it ;-) ).


These are a couple if the the PC kisses Del. Obviously, these are also rough...



As you move in to kiss Delainy, you find yourself kissing her forehead at the same moment licks your chin. She steps back, grins, and says, "Oops, wrong form."




As your lips press onto hers, you find Del's kiss almost tart. When you pull back, you see her lips stained slightly blue from some boysenberries she must have picked recently. She grins, and runs a finger along your lips, removing a slight fruity stain.

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