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  1. I think it is obvious that I'm done. I'm sorry for dragging all this stuff out this long. Some of it was actually doing paying work for some indie rpg stuff, and pen-and-paper rpg stuff.
  2. I still am here. I've just been busy with real life stuff, and other stuff sapping me. If I don't get things under control in a month or two, I will formally give up. In that case, if anyone wishes to take over, or see what is done, I would have no issue. I know it is beyond the apology stage for this.
  3. I've finished my big project with Winter Wolves. I just need to scrounge time to finish the last 4-5 romance dialogues.
  4. Actually, the last part that needs to be written are some romance dialogues for Throne of Bhaal. As for compatibility, I would have to see about that.
  5. I will be wrapping up the last of my writing for Winter Wolves by the end of this month, so will have time then.
  6. Sorry, I didn't notice this. At the moment, I need to get time to finish Del before even thinking of making her available for EE. As for the portrait pictures, I only have a couple, and might upload them later.
  7. No, no date on a beta, and it will only be Delainy released.
  8. I'm really sorry for the delay Jordoo. I plan on finishing the Winter Wolves writing next month, and then will devote myself to finishingup Del's writing.
  9. I'm sorry about that miker17. I'm 95% done with the Winter Wolves project. When done, I will devote time to finish the last parts of writing of this.
  10. Bri

    Developer Diary

    May 2, 2015 I've finished the first script for Winter Wolves, and will be spending at a least a month correcting it, and adding a bit of other things. However, once the project is done, I will finish up the writing for Delainy (or sneak it in when taking a break from the Winter Wolves stuff).
  11. Bri

    Developer Diary

    March 27, 2015 Yikes, I can't believe it has been six months (but in a good way). Another update; the writing project for Winter Wolves has gone on longer than I expected, but I'm entering the home stretch for it. What can I say other than feature creep so writing for it will go into April definitely. After I finish that, I will devote my time to tying up the last of Del's stuff (the last romance banters, and epilogues). If nothing else, it has rekindled my desire to write.
  12. I know this is an old refrain, especially in light of the 10 years, but it is still in development. I actually have the last 4 banters, and epilogues now planned. I've been focusing on a writing assignment for Winter Wolves Game the last 9 months; needless to say, that has reinvigorated my writing. As for version, etc. I can't say at this point. And there are some portraits that I've saved, but admittedly they aren't on the links.
  13. Thanks for the support Raltar.
  14. Thanks; I meant to reply earlier. I'm feeling better, and the writing continues apace for Winter Wolves. Worst comes to worst, I should be done with that in March (with a hopeful game release in Fall of this year). After that, I will devote the free time to finishing up the last of the writing.
  15. I saw a Korgan dialogue...very good
  16. Bri

    Developer Diary

    Nov. 13, 2014 Still working on the Winter Wolves project. The majority of the Winter Wolves stuff will be done by the end of December/start of January. If nothing else, I will focus on finishing the last bits of Del after that. The biggest benefit is I also was finally able to get a better job which is more conducive to free time and not being drained at the end of the day.
  17. No need to apologize. Progress has been nil. I've been doing a lot of work for the Winter Wolves game (we are hoping to be done by early 2015). I know I need to set some time aside, and finish what little is left for Del's writing. It doesn't help I've been fighting in infection the last couple weeks; might see a little hospital time with it.
  18. Bri

    Developer Diary

    October 13, 2014 Sorry for the lack of progress. Between the day job and Winter Wolves, I haven't had much time to write Del. I know I need to carve some time out to finish her.
  19. The avatar is one I actually commissioned from someone
  20. Everyone has been more than patient with me and I appreciated it. The couple times someone called me on it, well, they were in the right as well.
  21. Thanks Twani. The book I contributed on is now out on pdf, and soon print. And yes, the Winter Wolves who made Loren is the one.
  22. No, haven't dropped it. I can only apologize for the delays; 11+ years in the making...one would think it was Duke Nukem. However, I'm going to start devoting more time to it in the immediate future to wrap it up. Yes, I understand if others take that promise with a grain of salt. Some of the other delay is that I've been picked to help some stuff for Winter Wolves Games, as well as some table-top rpg writing. This has eaten up my time more than expected
  23. Bri

    Developer Diary

    August 25, 2014 Over 2 months since the last update, and yeah, I know it is set on repeat. As I mentioned in the comment thread, part of it lately was do to writing for some table-top rpgs, but I've also been picked to help do some writing for Winter Wolves Games. However, the delays have gotten beyond silly on Del. I will do one romance talk a week (there are only about 3 left and epilogues). True, there will be some editing as well.
  24. Well, I am hoping to get one of the last four lovetalks finished this weekend. For those still waiting patiently, there is nothing I can do other than say thank you (that, and obviously finish the mod)
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