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projectiles and launchers


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Is there a way to know, when reading a cre file, what projectile it wants tu use, and with which launcher ?


For instance, if a character has two bows, how do we know which one it will use. Same questions with projectile.

There is the "selected" parameter in the "item slots" section of the cre file description, but I'm not sure it gives both pieces of information.

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It is tricky.


In bg/iwd1 - you cannot wield 2 weapons using the same projectile. Thus selecting the quiver slot will automagically give the wielded ranged weapon. The equipped slot marker is in the end of the inventory. formula is:

barehand: 1000,



This gives weird negative values for quivers. (or even more weird positive 16 bit values if you go unsigned).


In pst - only Nordom can wield ranged weapons, he has a single weapon slot usable (iirc)

The used quiver is similar to bg2.


iwd2 - You have 4 sets of shield+weapon slots. IIrc, these are unrelated to the selected quiver. But i'm not so sure.

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