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Urgent advice needed re soundsets

Strontium Dog

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I've just sent 2 soundsets for download to a hosting-site for upload, and, after rigorous rechecking, this time, in the sounds section of the character-creation page(yes, I know I should have thought of that earlier - I'd only checked in-game, and outside the game, initally), I find that c.5 of the soundsets of "The Kurgan" soundset won't make any sound at at all, when I click on the name representing the soundset on the BG2 character-creation-screen -(the Bester BG2-style Babylon5 soundset works fine, though, in all respects).


Yet, I can as easily play the relevant Kurgan wav files outside the game, just like all the other wav files. What confounds the issue is that 1 of the files is simply an exact duplicate of another file in the same soundset(same wording etc., just different overall title) with the latter file sounding fine, unlike the former(ie "kurgan_" is the same as "kurgani" in sound/wording, if not title).


Here is The Kurgan B2-soundset file for download and inspection. I would be MOST grateful if someone could point out the errors in the relevant files(specifically "kurganl", "kurgant", "kurganu","kurgan9", and "kurgan_", as I need to correct these errors before the files get uploaded in the next site update.




The relevant 5 wavs play fine in Windows Media player, but now I've checked using some more obscure music-player(WINAMP) in an internet cafe, and those 5 are the only wav files which don't work. Could this be due to their being compressed(or not compressed, for that matter?) If you know what the actual problem is, please tell me and I would MOST appreciate it if one could point me to (relatively uncomplicated software which can sort out the issue and convert the original tracks to the correct ones, or whatever.


I should add that this is my first modding effort. I just mention this in case I may have done something foolish re setting up the mod.


Secondly, I have ambitious plans, after this, to create a BG2-oriented soundset version of Robocop, Clarence Boddicker and Dick Jones, all characters from the Robocop movies. Trouble is, there aren't anywhere near enough(relevant) sound-clips available online. So I need to get hold of relatively easy-to-use freeware which can rip the audio into wav form(just the audio, but video and audio would also be useful, as an additional 2nd option,

for uploading videos to Youtube) from my Robocop DVD. Anyone have any good recommendations for this freeware?


Thanks for any help you can give me.




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