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can't import any character

Guest Actilian

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Guest Actilian

dear project members,

Well, I recently downloaded GemRB from SVN.

When I start BG2/ToB / choose BG-SoA / New Game / import / any of the default character included with the game, CharGenCommon.py script bugs. Every GemRB.GetVar concerning a property of the new PC returns 0.

I followed the code to the Interface::LoadCreature function.

GetCreature works well and all the fields of actor are correctly filled but the core's dictionnary isn't updated.

best regards

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When importing, you don't need those, Lynx.

The problem is that displaying the character feats works from the dictionary (as Actilian said).

This is another reason we gotta make the (create character earlier in the chargen process, and set stats directly, instead of the dictionary).


This is a known problem (to me), and it is in the TODO list.

Currently, only the iwd2 scripts were modified to set stats directly in the character (and it still doesn't display the stats from there, but from the dictionary variables).

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