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Elai and Nasard NPC mod now at G3...


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Hey all,


The more observant of you may have spotted this: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showforum=52


The Elai and Nasard NPC mod has moved to G3! :p Previously known as just the Elai NPC mod and hosted at Forgotten Wars, there's been a few plot rewrites and more stuff added in, including the new NPC Nasard. The mod is a WeiDU mod and a SoA version is pretty well - developed, with ToB having been split off from the mod and to come later. It'll be expanded in Lands of Intrigue but I'm planning on releasing a standalone version first.


At the moment I'm hassling people for voicing and area work, and time permitting (I'm working full time at the moment) I hope to have something out later this year. :(


I'm not looking for beta - testers at the moment, I have a pretty extensive list. Please feel free to make comments, ask questions and so on - there's quite a lot of stuff I could post if people want to see it.

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