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Thanks for an excellent mod


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So having never used SCS before I just installed version 9. I was looking for a challenge and installed every component.


I just wanted to say wow thanks for all the work you put into this mod it totally changes the game and makes it much more challenging. I especially like the improved mage scripting. Mages (basically pushovers in the original) are now the foes I fear most.


I just finished the bandit camp and wanted to post feedback on my experiences so far. Overall this mod is amazing and has made my list of (I will never play a game without it) It makes the game 100% better.


Ok to the feedback, odd things I have noticed so far.


Tiax and Basillus create endless potions which fill up their inventory and then drop on the ground (Tiax creates invisibility potions and Basillus creates greater healing potions). Sound like this has already been noted by others.


Improved party AI does not seem to work with slings. My party members with bows and crossbows automatically target enemies but my cleric with a sling just sits around. Improved party AI also causes party members using a passive ability, detect trap, bard song, and turn undead to stop doing that and start attacking nearby enemies instead.


The entire bandit camp follows you around when non hostile. After joining the bandit camp, but before entering Tazok's tent, the entire camp follows you around. If you walk to one portion of the camp and wait, before long you will be surrounded by hobglobins and bandits who just sit around.


Calls for help in Tazoks tent: when I entered Tazok's tent and saw that there were a lot more enemies then I remembered I noticed that the four original enemies turned hostile right away, but the added enemies were initially blue and turned hostile a few seconds later. In that transition period, I used my wand of monster summoning to bring some hobglobins to my aid. Whatever code is used to turn those added enemies hostile also turned my summoned hobgoblins against me.


Bandits file into Tazoks tent one by one: after clearing out the initial enemies in Tazoks tent and looting the place, a couple of non hostile bandits entered the tent and just stood there. Then Taugosz Khosann entered, and summoned a bunch of guards for the second fight. After killing him, the rest of the bandit camp slowly entered the tent one at a time. Every few seconds a hobglobin or bandit would enter until the entire camp had been killed one by one. This is probably related to the everyone following you around thing I noted before and makes the camp much easier then it would otherwise be.


Quayle when joining the group has only cleric but no mage spellslots (not sure if this is a SCS issue or another mod)


Thanks for an excellent mod.


Edit: Clerics have extra spells when joining the group. They appear to get 2 extra spells per spell level. These spells disappear when the cleric levels up.

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