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IWD tweak pack. Creatures alignment.


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Hi all!

I decided to play IWD once again and found this great mod. So, first of all, thanks for the great work you have done! :) And now to my question… When I played IWD (IWD+HoW+TotLM) last time I noticed that spell “Wall of Moonlight†(Evil creatures passing through the wall take 2d10 damage) didn’t affect orcs and goblins in the castle where lich Laral lived. That confused me a bit, for I thought that orcs and goblins should be evil, but they appeared to have neutral alignment. During game I checked other creatures and discovered that skeletons were neutral too? So, at last my question. Is it normal or this need a fix?


P.S. I also found this fixpack, and the author noticed that some creatures in the game had no alignment at all (I assume that he meant neutral alignment).


P.P.S. Sorry for my bad English. ;)

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Orcs and goblins should be evil, and as far as I know, there's no story reason why the orc and goblins at Laral's stronghold should be atypical, so that could be the kind of alignment miscode that was caught in the CoM Fixpack.


But (as mentioned in the link you provided) skeletons and zombies are mindless, so in terms of alignment, they count as Neutral. I seem to remember Wall of Moonlight damages undead too, so it should get skeletons and zombies based on that.

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