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SpellPack Beta5 and SCS?

Guest Guest_BuddyRich_*

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Does v9 incorporate the changes you mentioned here:




I am thinking of doing a run through either Easytutu or BGT and then BG2, with just base tutu mod, and the Spellpack installed and either SCSI and II installed. II of course installed on the my BG2 game.


I forget exactly what it incorporates, but yes, roughly speaking it incorporates those. (SCS only; SCSII doesn't as yet.)


Version 9 of SCS has a couple of annoying bugs that slipped through testing. I'd recommend the unofficial hotfix (on the forum), or alternatively, waiting for v10, which should be out around Jan 4th.

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Guest Guest_BuddyRich_*

Thank for the reply.


I think it contains some new spells, mostly druid spells from IWD1/2, plus changes to existing spells to act more like PnP... and updated graphics to spells but that wouldn't affect your mod. I think there are other components to that mod, but I was interested in the spells only and wasn't going to install the other components, mainly to beef up the druid a bit more... I think its only fair that the enemy can use them too.


If I go ahead with v9+hotfixes, can I install v10 later and take advantage of it, or would I have to start a new game?

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