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Kangaxx & The Twisted Rune


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I was just wondering if there are any in-games hooks into either of these quests (other than investigating every single door in every single building just for the heck of it). I mean, what reason does anyone have to enter Kangaxx' lair OR The Twisted Rune?


There seems to be some sort of connection between Reijik the Tanner and the Twisted Rune, but I haven't found it yet (if there is, in fact, a connection to be found there). It seems to me that the only way one discovers these subquests is by reading a walkthrough, following posts on forums like these or (as mentioned above) going through every damn door in the game.


My point, maybe, a mod is called for that would tie them into something or at least give the player a hook into them. Unless, of course, I am missing something, if that is so, please enlighten me.

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Try Unfinished Business, I think it does something about that sort of thing.





I have that one installed, don't recall there being anything regarding this issue, maybe I'll read up on it again, I only use about half the components.

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