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IWD2 Tweakpack problem


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To cut a long story short I've got a IWD2 game using the NPC mod part done, and on hold. In the meantime I need a verrry simple but fun version, so I wanted to try a different combination of the NPCs. I'd like to turn on the "No Traps, Locks, or Detection Difficulty" option in the tweaks pack but I can't :D Every time I rerun the Tweaks installer I just don't get that option - it goes straight from "Staff, Club, and Sling Sellability" to "Rest Anywhere"


Im running (in order of installation)

Bonus merchant (Weimer)

Weimer Ease of Use


IWD2 Tweaks

I've rerun both Tweaks and EoU a few times to fine tune which options I need.

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