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When can/must I install the mod ?

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First of all, sorry if this a ridiculous question, but I am new to NWN2 and new to related mods...


I'd just started a new game when this exciting mod was released, and I'd be quite interested in installing it to make the most of the romance I planned to play... But I have no idea if I can do it now or if it is necessary to start over to use it.

I haven't met the future object of my affection yet, if it changes anything...


Thanks in advance for your answer !

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Welcome to G3!


It's always best to install the mod before you meet your potential love interest because you get the most content that way, but the mod can be installed at any time. So the earlier in the game, the better, but don't worry if you've already met him/her by the time you do so. You'll still find things to talk about. :)


With the upcoming release of Obsidian's new patch, though, I'd like to point you to instructions for patching your game after the mod is installed. It's a really simple process, and you can find the instructions here.

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