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My opinon about prebuff


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Many players seems to be reticents about prebuff and I would like to say my opinon about it.


I like prebuff for ennemy mages and priest very much . It's a cool and consistent way to make them decent opposant and enjoy the magic spell system.

Damn, without prebuff, mages are too flimsy, maybe they deserve to be but not always .


I have finished the BG and TOB recently with mage option 3 and priest option1 and in general :

-Low/model level mages are very very weak.

-18 level mages or highter are very decent opposent, especially thanks to Chain Contingency who simule some sort of prebuff. I was happy to have decent mages to fight at this moment of the game even if I am not very kind of the way ennemy mages use Chain Contingency. (immediately at start of the fight, whitch is in some consistent ways impossible for PC).


With option 3 (maybe it's same with others option), I personnaly find there is too much difference of power between level 18 mages and mages with a level<18. I think players will find low/midle level mage too weak and hight level mage too strong.(depending on there own experience and skill ).


In my new game , I play with option 2 for mage and priest ( while not allow them this time to use PI and simulacre coz I find it finally cheesy).

Now, low/midle level mages are very cool to fight. Futhermore, this option 2 seems consistent and fair : mages/priests prebuff only if they are supposed to know you are coming. I like situation when ennemy are boosted while my party is not ^^ Damn where is the problem! Life is not always fair !


As some players noticed, it is a litle annoying not be able to remove GoI at low level. I play with a severe XP restriction. (XP Caps of Zyraen's Miscellaneous Mods , mod very hard), and I don't have perce magie. Fortunately, there is more option in comparaison to SCSI to beat mages protected by GoI. (in general, to use spells level 5 is the best way)


I wonder and apprehend a bit how challenging will be level 18 mages. Maybe I will find amount of prebuff a bit too much for me coz of chain contingency. I will see


Thank you David for this wonderfull mod and all these wonderfull prebuffs ^^


ps: I have also enjoyed a lot SCSI.

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I have fought only 2 liches for the moment. It's not easy yes and I am not very proud of the way I beat them. (basically very rapidly in my current game : I remove all protection in one round with 3 mages, Keldorn with True sight etc... ).


Pb in my game is that pit fiend are too much hard to fight coz of unholy word . (Spell revisions of unholy word don't let many chances for a low level party)

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