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Edwin remains female

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Guest Binary

Hello all


I've recently started a new BG2 adventure and I'm having Edwin tag along this time.


My problem is - that after he becomes a female, and after being confronted by the Red Wizard looking for him - the spell that's suposed to turn him back to male doesn't have any affect..


The only mods I'm using are the widescreen mod and BG2 Fixpack..


Anyone have a solution for this ? :)

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Thanks for the reply Rob :)


I tried doing a CLUAConsole:ForceSpell("edwin",EDWIN_CHANGE_BACK) - but it gave me an error.


The links below are to show what happens.


http://b-world.dk/data/bg2/edwin-1.jpg <-- Dialog sequence

http://b-world.dk/data/bg2/edwin-2.jpg <-- Begins casting Dispel Magic

http://b-world.dk/data/bg2/edwin-3.jpg <-- Finishes casting on Edwin, nothing happens

http://b-world.dk/data/bg2/edwin-4.jpg <-- Error message

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You're welcome for the reply, we do like to try and help. OK, having checked, it looks like you can't actually force a spell using the console, I have no idea why I thought you could. :)


It does seem that something has corrupted somewhere. I think it might be something in the BG2 fixpack, possibly the Edwina portrait thing. You could manually edit Edwin back into maleness, or it might be fixed if you reinstall the Fixpack and replace the faulty files/references. Someone else may have an easier fix, and it might also be worth asking in the Fixpack forum to see if anyone has further ideas.

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