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Currently it states

258 RestUntilHealed()

This action rests the party until all PCs are fully healed. Healing Spells are cast by the party at the start of each rest period.

Not quite true. Although we can't see them cast, memorized spells do seem to be considered but only after the first rest. It can also be interrupted depending upon the information within the current area file.


So the following appears to be true:

Step 1 -- The party rests for 8, renews all spells, and gains 1 hp as needed

Step 2 -- Memorized spells are then calculated into increasing the hp.

Step 3 -- Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until healed

Step 4 -- Once healed party rests for 8 to renew all spells.



As a side note that needs to be investigated...

Resting until healed with the same party configuration and the exact same number of lost hit points results in different amounts of resting time depending upon the area. A safe area gives the party 1 hp every 8 hours. An unsafe area some how changes this... Perhaps one of the 'unknowns' within the area file is responsible for this...

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