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Area transition problems

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(What's going on, by the way, is that a difference between the IWD and BG2 engines means that the majority of exits in IWD aren't useable. I run an algorithm to fix that, but the algorithm generates its own problems.)


[edit 3/10/10: I now have a different algorithm that seems to solve the problem in full generality]

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maligned exits preventing entry:

-1st to 2nd and 4th to 5th levels of dragon's eye

-northwest exit to third level of severed hand

-going down to level 1 of NE tower of severed hand (ar5302 to ar5301)

-ar6001 to ar6002, tunnels with saalbac tan (also crashes game)

-ar7000 to ar7005 (wyrm's tooth)

-ar7005 to ar7004

-caves in ar7004

-no exit to ar6004/6013 from ar6011

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