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Two new problems, 1 need help please.


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I have two new matters :-/


The one : i have created a spell, target "self", which have a 0-20% chance to turn berserk and display text "berserk"

But when this occur, the pj is controlable, not unstable like minsc when he berserk.

I have try effects #3 and #246, try a 0-100% chance berserking (the string is displayed so the % is good), but the pj doesn't berserk :-/

note : it's the 1 player, the pj.



The second : The kit have a "permanent after death" "protection from opcode : #145", so he can wear full armor and cast wizard spells. This work.

But when he use an armor and cast "simulacre", the simulacre cannot cast spells. (He can if the caster doesn't wear armor when casting "simulacre")

Why don't the simulacre have the "protection from opcode #145" :(

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