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  1. First, the "Trap detection mod" exist, it's here Second, an idea : demon heart should be dropped by marilith, glabrezu, pit fiend, gelugon, cornugon and so on too. They are usefull for item crafting mods.
  2. For some reason I don't know, installing IWD spells via SCS install "Summon lesser Water Elemental" with this name: "Convocation d'un �l�mentaire d'eau mineur", and it crashes the game when a sorcerer goes up to level 10. The description text is also bugged, seems not UTF8 converted
  3. Sorry, i've made an error when i've translated the files -> i let thems in UTF8. So that create an error on BG2EE. Here are the corrected files, all in ANSI : Emad french.zip
  4. Hello Jastey. I have made a french translation of EMaD. Here is the file Emad-French.zip
  5. As said in the title, the "Initialise AI components" cannot be installed in IWDEE (french language) This is the part of the debug where it's noticed. Copying and patching 1 file ... [./override/zzj6sp.itm] loaded, 986 bytes [./override/ZZM5MH.ITM] loaded, 746 bytes Copying and patching 1 file ... [./override/zzm5mh.itm] loaded, 746 bytes [./override/ZZN6GC.ITM] loaded, 506 bytes Copying and patching 1 file ... [./override/zzn6gc.itm] loaded, 506 bytes [./override/ZZS6SC.ITM] loaded, 458 bytes Copying and patching 1 file ... [./override/zzs6sc.itm] loaded, 458 bytes [./override/
  6. hello. In my install and with SCS32 The Smarter mage composant cannot be installed. The weidu is : I already experienced this bug during a previous installation and I had skipped the component, but this time I tried hard and found the bug: simply by changing "SUMMON_BONEGUARD" to "CREATE_BONEGUARD" in mage/spellchoice/iwd/vampire.2da, the component is installed.
  7. 255 kits ? Do you REALLY need all these kits in a game with 6 guys in a team ?
  8. Thanks for your answer. I've find another thing for the result i wish. As my dialogues are only read After the vanilla "hello", i've updated thems for a continuality, and this is a good result. Now Lady Yurth says "Hello[...]" >continue -> ho, i see you wear Goldbrand[...] then the player can reply "we'll think of this, bye" or "show me your wares" (vanilla reply) So i can put a [solved] tag to this topic.
  9. Sorry, the line i give for exemple wasn't the true line, i want keep the secret, but with the code, i cant..., so : I want : if the lady talk to someone who wear lamedor, she notice it and dont greet normaly, but instead say the 51, then say the 52. If later the pcs come with lamedor +the heart + the gold, she propose the forge.
  10. The question is in the title. A want to change the dialog of Lady Yurth (Scroll01) to add an instruction (IF ~HasItemEquiped("PXLDAB",LastTalkedToBy) Global("Pxpmldor","LOCALS",0)~ THEN GOTO PXLDAB1), for an alternative welcome instead of the vanilla one. I've tried Extend_Bottom, Extend_Top, nothing work. The dialogue are always added after the vanilla welcome. Please, can someone help me ?
  11. hello. I've done the job for adding to "A Mod for the Orderly" the BG2EE compatibility. Link , and many overs, is here : https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/73295/many-old-mods-adapted-for-bg2ee/p1
  12. The "copy the effect of the potion in a spell and apply the spell to a mage via effect" is easy for "exploding on the hand of the launcher" BUT in this case the potion must not be launched and not impacted at the target. This is the real problem.
  13. Hello. Please, is there a script code to find the highest statistic of an item user ? (as for the bitter cup from Morrowind)
  14. Hello. i'm still modding and i'm looking for something to change the potion of explosion like this -> Explode not at target but at self if the user is a mage. Is it possible ?
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